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Thread: Martha Deane had the strength to maintain her beliefs publicly

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    Martha Deane had the strength to maintain her beliefs publicly

    The protection of our Constitutional rights should rise above politics and be defended by each elected official regardless of party affiliation.

    I currently support Martha Deane and MOST of her positions based on her willingness to advocate, support and defend the rights of citizens.

    Here is what caused me to take this position:

    I had the opportunity to meet Martha Deane at the Blue Trails Range in Wallingford, CT this past Saturday while attending as a member of The Connecticut Citizens Defense League.

    I was impressed with her open and candid support for Constitutional Rights and her support for the 150,000 plus individuals who currently possess Permit To Carry Pistols and Revolvers. of which I am just one.

    Martha's willingness to maintain her commitment has earned my support in the general election to be held in November, and I am a MIDDLE OF THE ROAD DEMOCRAT.

    The Hartford Courant published this article which contains several highlighted areas that convinced me to give her my total support.

    Republican Martha Dean Wins Nomination For Attorney General By EDMUND H. MAHONY,

    11:21 p.m. EDT, August 10, 2010

    Martha Dean, a political outsider who made support for gun ownership part of a broadly conservative agenda, easily won the Republican primary for attorney general Tuesday against challenger Ross Garber, a moderate who had the backing of much of the party establishment.

    The other two primary contests for state-wide office – both Democratic – followed the The Garber-Dean contest, which in its final days devolved into a political slugfest, drew the most attention of the three underticket races. In the run-up to Tuesday's vote, Garber painted Dean as a right-wing ideologue who would impose a personal agenda on law enforcement by the attorney general's office. Dean retaliated by threatening Garber with a defamation suit and continuing to push her platform of personal freedom, state's rights and belief in a Judeo-Christian value system.

    Unofficial results that were still being counted late Tuesday showed Dean winning about 60 percent of the vote to Garber's 40 percent.

    "I trusted that the voters would vote for a positive message, integrity and a candidate who has the courage to take the tough steps that lie ahead for the state," Dean said at her campaign headquarters in Avon, where she followed the election results with about 25 family and friends.

    Dean faces former state Sen. George Jepsen, the Democratic candidate for attorney general, in the November election. She said of Jepsen, "We both want prosperity but we have very different visions of how to get there."

    Garber conceded at about 10 p.m. to a crowd of about 50 subdued supporters at the Marriott Hotel in Rocky Hill.

    "It appears we know the result," he said, "But it was an incredible campaign. I was happy to engage in this discussion."

    Dean, a lawyer from Avon, had a clear field earlier this year for what was her second race for attorney general; she ran unsuccessfully against longtime incumbent Richard Blumenthal in 2002. Then Garber, a Hartford lawyer, jumped into the race on May 20, two days before the Republican convention. Dean won 50 percent of the convention vote to Garber's 39 percent, but Garber had qualified for a primary and immediately began chipping away at Dean's support among influential Republicans.

    When the polls opened Tuesday, Garber had endorsements from a majority of Republican leaders in the legislature and in local government.

    Both Dean and Garber campaigned as energetically against the highly popular Blumenthal as they did against one another. Both claimed that Blumenthal has enforced a regulatory agenda that created a climate hostile to business development.

    Dean promised to continue Blumenthal's advocacy for consumers and the environment. But she said she would dial back what she called his overzealous enforcement of regulations that increase the cost of doing business in Connecticut.

    It was Dean's enthusiastic embrace of broad, philosophical and usually conservative legal positions that distinguished her from Garber.

    She opposes abortion and capital punishment, but says personal belief will not influence her enforcement of state law. She called an armed citizenry a deterrent against government tyranny and asserted that the government has no right to regulate what kinds of weapons citizens may own.

    "These are mainstream American values that have not been represented vigorously for a long time," she said in an interview. "Every fringe group, every minority interest, has received more vigorous representation that mainstream American values for at least 30 years."
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    She will be a breath of fresh air for all of us no matter what party we are affiliated with.
    A true constitutionalist in the office of AG is something that this state has needed for a very long time!

    Having spent many hours in her company, including shooting with her. I can tell you that she is not a politician!
    She is a very real and genuine person!

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    "Garber had endorsements from a majority of Republican leaders in the legislature and in local government."

    This is why I am glad she won with such a landslide. It shows that values and principals still mean something in this state. It also shows how far politicians are willing to go to get re-elected. They chose the safe, non controversial candidate instead of having the balls to back the one they know is right. I bet everyone of those so called republican leaders are very happy right now that she won, but scared shitless because they may hear some backlash because of it.

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    I have had the good fortune to meet Martha and her husband Malcolm socially a few times. They are good people through and through. I beleive Martha would make an outstanding pro-business, pro-constitution (including the 2nd Amendment) Attorney General.

    Martha has made it over the first hurdle. We all need to do what we can to get her to the finish line as the victor in November.

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    The best "rub it in your eye" bit..... she still made it with complete fabrications and lies from her opponent.

    She was way below in the polls before the election.

    This..... is good.

    Counterbalances the depression of the senatorial win......


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