For those in possession of letters of opposition to this bill that are on letterhead or contain an official title/ position:

This is an action alert item: Any members who have in their possession letters of opposition on letterhead please email them to me or fax them to me immediately. If you would like to mail them please let me know. AB 1934 floor analysis has been revised 8/10/2010 and much more support included and only a couple oppositions. I will be making sure all Senate Members are made aware of the lack of documents in opposition. I have three from Lori Saldana's binder which will be included in this.


(925) 798-0486

I am a 100% volunteer lobbyist who has been dealing with this issue in CA, I take no compensation for what I do. Any questions you have feel free to contact me at (925) 798-0486 ph/fax