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Thread: Mcl 123.1102

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    Question Mcl 123.1102

    So, here is the question:

    MCL 123.1102 does not specify a remedy/penalty for violation of this law. Is there a general penalty in the MI Penal Code or elsewhere in the MCL that may apply? (example: default punishment is State Civil Infraction)

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    What the AG's office told me when I contacted them on similar but unrelated matters was that there is no penalty unless you sue the preemption violators, and for non law suit situations you simply go up the food chain with complaints until the matter is resolved.

    First contact the people responsible (PD, city attorney, whatever) then the city council, then the AG's office. In this case, the city council has already been addressed multiple times, so seeking out the help of Mike Cox is the next step.
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