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Thread: Legal advice to the LEO

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    Smile Legal advice to the LEO

    Stumbled on this site today and I don't know if anyone has seen it or not. Check out legal updates. Check out the older ones also. I don't know if I can copy the link or not, but the site is ( I am not very computer literate.
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    Everyone should be sure to check out the "Legal Updates" page, and especially to plow through the "archives" of that page. There is LOTS of interesting info there, detailing Open Carry, Probable Cause, Detainment, and RAS...

    And this law firm has a VERY good writer on staff--these briefs are all well-written, have weird little illustrative stories thrown in, and are clear, plain, and easy to grasp.

    Good link. Everyone in NC should have this one bookmarked, and read the "Legal Updates" regularly...
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    Was an interesting site, here is the link to the doc on Open Carry, was a good read

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    Quote Originally Posted by redfive48 View Post
    was an interesting site, here is the link to the doc on open carry, was a good read
    very good read!


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    The guy that wrote that has a sense of humor, a fan of Jeff Foxworthy and possibly a Trekkie. I like it!
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