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    Hello, new guy here from Glen Burnie. I chuckled when I saw the subtitle "Open carry stories from Maryland". I figured any open carry stories in Maryland will end with "and then the cops took me away." Hopefully this will all change after SAF wins their lawsuit.
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    Welcome to the forum. Many of us are working to change things in MD, and there are many strategies, tactics, and points-of-view as to how things should proceed in MD to bring the law there in-line with the rest of the Country. It's going to be an uphill battle, that's for sure.

    The most we can hope for with the current SAF case is that MD will be forced into something like a "Shall Issue" policy for carry permits.

    The current MD permits are NOT concealed carry specific permits. They are a "Permit to Carry a Handgun". There is no stipulation on the permit that it be carried concealed. In fact, with such a permit, OC is legal in most of MD.

    It is the 4 "urban" counties, and most of the urban municipalities that have local laws prohibiting the "public display of a firearm" that prevent OC even to permit holders in the urban areas of MD. Those local laws will require a whole suite of additional lawsuits to get removed from the books.

    It will be, in the very best possible scenario, a decade before MD even approaches "Gold Star State" status.

    And even once the laws ARE changed, we can all look forward to hundreds of "color of law" persecution incidents and dozens of Federal Civil Rights lawsuits every year for another decade after that. The current AG (and most of the prospective fillers of that position for the immediate future--from BOTH parties) seems to believe that MD is not constrained by Federal Court rulings when it comes to Fundamental Rights like all the other states, and the MD LE community would rather hide behind "qualified immunity" and maintain their status quo serfdom than follow their own state's Constitution's Article 4 and do what the People mandate should be policy.

    Art. 4. That the People of this State have the sole and exclusive right of regulating the internal government and police thereof, as a free, sovereign and independent State.
    And we all know about the MD Wiretapping law shenanigans. Regardless of the fact that AG Curran released a ruling TEN YEARS AGO (in 2000) that police performing their duty in public have no "expectation of privacy", and despite the fact that there hasn't been a SINGLE conviction in MD courts for people charged with "recording a cop", the MSP and local LEAs continue to arrest and charge people with FELONY wiretapping for daring to record MD LEOs performing their duty...

    Don't expect a change in behavior with regards to firearms.

    If anything, we'll probably see an increase in "questionable shootings" of law-abiding citizens by LEOs in the urban counties if Shall Issue and OC are forced onto MD by the courts.

    The only celebration that OC and CC people should do in MD if these laws change, is to go out and buy some good Kevlar, and get Alan Gura on retainer...
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    woman stuck in Maryland, ,
    I have a red heeler, and I OC with him every day down the hill and back up. Yes I OC in MD LOL, it is the property I reside upon. I also can OC when trapping and on other properties.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum redheeler. I assume you have a red heeler? Can you post pics?

    Here's one of mine ( yes I know he is fat)
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    We just have to keep on fighting. I know it'll take many lawsuits later, but I look forward to being a part of the fight to change the laws in MD. Maybe by the time I have children, they will grow up to a state that respects the Constitution. Where "common sense" actually makes sense.

    Yes I do have a red heeler. I need to take some good pics then I'll post them here later. That is a big boy you got there.

    Here's a vid of mine playing fetch:

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    There are other avenues to explore other than going to court. The United States incorporated in 1871, now look at your state and towns and cities. They are artificial individuals/ corporations. Because everything is commercial (27 C.F.R. 72.11), You can file administrative process against individuals to stop them from violating your rights.
    It should state in your state statutes they cannot violate the constitution. Look at you town and city charters should say the same thing. Cops are supposed to be public officials, they do not have a public bond. They are employees of a Corporation, and you can file on the individual. You have to think Commercial. U.C.C. 1-308.
    Research ......Refusal for Cause.....I have used this to to make traffic tickets disappear.
    Also, Research.....Notice and Demand.....I will be using one on a Forestry Supervisor that told me to leave his public building, because I was wearing a handgun. I was with 2 other people so I have witnesses.
    Government wants you to go to court because it takes so long and costs so much money.
    Life is tough, its tougher when your stupid.

    Feds: U.C.C. 1-308, State: U.C.C. 1-207, Both: U.C.C. 1-103.6

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