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    New guy

    long time reader, first post. I just wanted to say hello from Paradise in the UP, and invite every one to come on up and enjoy our great weather!

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    Welcome long time reader first time poster. I would like to invite you down to Royal Oak on Monday.
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    Red face

    WELCOME! I hope to get the wife to head north sometime soon.I miss the beauty of the northwoods.Been out of circulation for many years! God Bless! Jeff.
    Today JESUS would tell me to sell my coat and buy two Springfield XD Compact 45acp's!


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    And you won't even need to bring your snow shoes! LOL.

    Welcome ParadiseGarry! I love your little town. I am there every year for one thing or another. Won't have the sleds up this year, but the next time I am coming up that way I will have to buy you a burger at the Yukon.
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