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Thread: Transporting firearms from Fresno to Chicago.

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    Transporting firearms from Fresno to Chicago.

    A friend of mine needs to ship some firearms out of state to chicago IL where she lives, can anyone tell me what she needs to do?

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    Move out of Chicago or clear an LZ.

    Seriously, though, the question should probably be addressed in a specialized forum like OCDO-Illinois because the Chicago gun laws are the subject of the rule of tyrant men.

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    The phrase: "Out of the frying pan, and into the fire." comes instantly to mind.

    What does she need to do?

    I would suggest attempting to build up callouses on her wrists where the handcuffs will likely be placed. Wearing thick clothing is also reccommended, as police batons tend to leave nasty bruises.

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    They can't go by USPS or common carrier unless she & the person at the other end are FFLs.
    (Actually, you _can_ ship your own guns to yourself, but I'm willing to bet that practically NO postal clerks actually know the law, and she'd have her package refused at best, and might have the US Marshals called at worst.)

    Best I can recommend is to find someone, or a string of someones, willing to hand-carry them in their own private conveyance from CA to Chitcago. Don't say anything to any government official about transporting this particular private property, or the officials in IL will swoop in on her.

    ::shaking head sadly:: What has this country come to?

    If she's willing to cover the RT airplane ticket, I'll fly with them & ship them as my checked luggage from CA back to Milwaukee, then your friend can drive up here to take posession.

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    First she has to have a FOID. Illinois requires you to be registered to have a firearm before you have one.

    She can't ship to Chicago. No FFL's. It will have to be outside Chicago. Have her check with an Illinois FFL.

    I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do those things to other people and I require the same of them.

    Politicians should serve two terms, one in office and one in prison.(borrowed from RioKid)

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    Quote Originally Posted by halo6941 View Post
    A friend of mine needs to ship some firearms out of state to chicago IL where she lives, can anyone tell me what she needs to do?
    You really didn't give enough detail for anyone to give you a usable answer. Is she in Fresno and needs to ship or transport the guns to her home in Illinois? You say Chicago, but is her residence really in Chicago proper or in one of the surrounding communities? Are theese firearms that she inherited (it does change some of the rules)?

    As long as it is legal for her to possess the firearms on both ends, there are several options available.
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