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Thread: Woman, 73, Fires Shot At Intruders

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    Woman, 73, Fires Shot At Intruders

    Woman, 73, Fires Shot At Intruders
    Woman Says She Thinks She Shot One Intruder Thank God the woman had a gun and was able to save her life!
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    I'm glad she had the gun and wasn't afraid to fire it. HOWEVER, the situation as reported in this story indicates that she didn't have much of any idea how to actually defend herself. How did the intruders get into her home and bedroom before she was aware of them? How did they get away with her property when she was shooting a gun?

    This lady, and everyone like her, needs some serious training and some lifestyle changes (locks on doors, alarms, dogs, etc.) in addition to owning a gun. The gun is only a small part of intelligent self defense.

    The ideal is never to need to shoot anyone because the criminals are aware of their risk and don't want to get hurt - so they leave you alone! And this happens as more people become armed and prepared. That is the major reason for such low crime rates in places that do not prohibit self defense and the appropriate tools!
    But, in the end, I live and therefore I am. I donít need any other personís permission to live or defend myself. I donít need anyoneís vetting of my intentions or sanity, nor approval for the self defense tool I choose or how I carry it.

    I donít NEED to explain myself. I donít NEED any reasons at all.

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