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Thread: Psycho criminals get creative with "shooting" in Gaithersburg...

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    Psycho criminals get creative with "shooting" in Gaithersburg...

    WARNING: the news story below has an off-the-charts "ick" factor.

    Only in MD...

    Just because you can't carry a gun in MD doesn't seem to stop a REALLY determined nutcase in Montgomery County.

    A REALLY determined wack-job will find a way to "shoot" innocent people in MD regardless.

    This psycho brings a whole new meaning to "skeet shooting."

    This is a form of "carry" that is a little TOO open...

    I guess he was using "ball ammo"...

    Authorities in Maryland say a man accused of squirting semen from a bottle onto two female shoppers has been linked to three more cases.

    Twenty-eight-year-old Michael Wayne Edwards Jr. was arrested Wednesday and charged with spraying the fluid on a shopper at a Giant Food store in Gaithersburg on July 15. Edwards was also charged in a similar incident at a Michaels craft store in Gaithersburg.
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    Possible deadly attack.

    This could be considered a deadly attack as body fluids can contain aids, hepatitis, and numerous other highly infectious and possibly deadly diseases.

    All it would take to become infected would be to get into your eyes, up your nose, or in your mouth. Even on your bare skin, if you had a cut, you could be infected.

    This man could have AIDS and should be tested to find out. If it can be shown that he does have AIDS and knew it, he should be charged with attempted murder.

    Such sick people out there.

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