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Thread: Big Mean Robbers attack Little Old Ladies... playing bingo!

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    Big Mean Robbers attack Little Old Ladies... playing bingo!

    What a bunch of big, scary, guys... they prey on little old ladies, pretty much defenseless.
    Several robbers in Halloween masks went into a bingo hall, robbed players, & left.
    Police have 4 people in custody as of the afternoon of the 14th.

    Y'know, there are some places & there are some Little Old Ladies that the robbers wouldn't have gotten away... at least, not without some lead poisoning. I hope the other creeps in jail treat them like the miserable little puppies that they are.

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    I know this did not happen of Friday the Thirteenth and is not being reported by a media company named JSonline. No way. Too funny.

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    no need for guns in Church. although the criminals may have stopped at the deterrent effect point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McX View Post
    no need for guns in Church.
    Just saw this story on the news and that is the first thing I thought....

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