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Thread: OCing an ar15

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    OCing an ar15

    I would NEVER do this but I was just wondering if there is a law against it?

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    It is a rifle and even if not specifically against the law to carry, Unless you are transporting it to a specific location I do believe you will be detained for acting in a suspicious manner. It would be better to have it enclosed in a proper case if you are transporting it.
    That is my personal opinion, but I only lived in LV for 53 years and watched it grow a bit.

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    The only reference I find other than hunting laws is for vehicle carry.

    "Vehicle carry long guns: unloaded (nothing in chamber) in vehicle and not concealed.

    Please note:
    This web site is focused on the right to openly carry properly holstered handguns in daily American life. We do NOT promote the carry of long guns. ............................... and the fact that the long gun carry issue distracts from our main mission to promote the open carry of handguns in daily life, we will leave long gun carry activism in the capable hands of the future founders of web sites about long gun carry.
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