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Thread: Moving back to NE from AZ looking for answers

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    Moving back to NE from AZ looking for answers

    I am moving back to Nebraska from Phoenix. I have got so used to the open gun laws here I think I'm going to need my CCW. Plus if you have a CCW it makes buying a new gun a lot easier. I have a few questions though. About 4yrs ago I received a DUI in Lincoln. I am sure it wasn't a felony considering I passed the security clearance at Sky Harbor Intl. Airport. I had to get the same backround checks as TSA. I also did not have any trouble buying my XD .45 last year. Does anyone know if that DUI will stop me from getting my CCW?

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    Sorry that no one from Ne. has responded - not the most active sub-forum.

    As best as I can determine a DUI will not effect your efforts.
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