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Thread: Question about OC in California state and national parks

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    Question about OC in California state and national parks

    I've scanned the gun regulations and I'm still kind of confused about OC in California state, and national parks so I'm hoping someone can clear things up for me. I live in Los Angeles County and hike and camp in and arround the Angeles National Forest and some other wilderness areas nearby. I'd like to open carry to protect against any dangerous encounters with wildlife. Can I open carry in these parks and wilderness areas? How can I be sure I'm not violating some county or state law?

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    easy answer,,

    ? How can I be sure I'm not violating some county or state law?

    carry your Unloaded gun, and full mags, together in a "Locked container"
    that can be a fannypack with a locked zipper.
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    You can't OC in any state park or state beach, period. Guns must be unloaded in a locked container. The only way that you can carry in a state park is with a CCW.

    National Parks and National Forests are two different things. You cannot discharge a firearm in any National Park in California, therefore LOC is not legal in any of them. UOC is permitted in NPs, but be careful not to carry into any buildings where federal employees are regularly present for their duties, or within 1,000 feet of any K-12 schools.

    It is legal to OC in National Forests, but whether or not your gun can be loaded depends on several factors. If there is a general prohibition on the discharge of firearms, then you cannot LOC. If you can hunt there but you can't target shoot there, then you can only LOC with a hunting permit, and other hunting regulations must be followed. If there are no restrictions on the discharge of firearms, then you can LOC as long as you are in unincorporated territory and there are no other restrictions placed by the county.

    You can have a loaded firearm at your temporary campsite in NPs and NFs.
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