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Thread: ODU Student Policy - What is campus... part II

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    ODU Student Policy - What is campus... part II

    The ODU policy preventing firearms can be found here

    “Campus” means any land in Virginia, with or without buildings or structures, owned or leased by the University, or otherwise under its control.

    Firearms, weapons and related devices may not be carried, maintained or kept anywhere on campus, including in automobiles parked on campus, by employees, students, and volunteers.
    Monarch Way (public street) is lined by multi-use buildings on one side. The upper floors are dorms for ODU students, and the bottom floors are filled with private businesses. I have OCed at most of the establishments. I cannot interpret weather or not the private business on the first floor count as "campus" or not. Below is an email I sent to one of these business to see if it would clear things up.


    While it appears to be clear that Borjo, along with all the rest of the business on Monarch Way are in ODU buildings, it just occurred to me that student policy _may_ still apply as a consequence... My question is, do you lease/rent from ODU or does some other private enterprise hold domain over the property/building space which you use?

    Thank You
    The ODU Real Estate Foundation is the landlord for the University Village development. The development is technically separate from ODU.
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    I'll give you two answers TJ.

    I think the foundation is separate from the college but is considered a sister organization.
    You could carry and be technically legal.

    Answer 2. It probably isn't worth the trouble finding out if the school will try to overstep their authority (they probably will).
    My opinion is just CC for now and see how things work out in the GA.

    There are things brewing...I couldn't say if they'll be good or bad but I stirred up an ungodly hornets nest with some FOIA requests.

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