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Thread: New OC'er Here

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    New OC'er Here

    Just wanted to say hello, My name is wes and i started OC'ing about 6 weeks ago and have had great success. it has grown into me carrying almost everyday. i have been asked a few times why i carry or if i was a LEO. the only time i was asked to leave somewhere was about a week ago...

    My girlfriend, her mother and I were running errands around town and we decided to stop at Costco... that's right... and that would be the Charleston / pavilion center Costco. But i figured that i didn't see any "NO GUNS" signs so no problems for me right. Well I wasn't stopped when they checked my card at the entrance, even though my strong side was facing the attendant. After about 45 min of browsing we were approached by two men. One of which introduced himself as the store assistant manager, I introduced myself and we shook hands and he said that he noticed that i was carrying a firearm and informed me that there was a " no guns store policy". at which time he asked me to place my weapon in my car, which i respectfully complied. and returned to shopping. after that i noticed him in my vicinity multiple times for the rest of my stay, kinda like he was keeping an eye on me or something... has anyone carried there after Erik Scott or heard of such a policy?

    Other than that one encounter, i have had tremendous success while OCing
    even seeing a few LEO's in the gas station ... they looked at me and looked at my glock 23 , and just kept about their business... that made me very happy.... anyway its great to be apart of the forum and i hope to meet some new people at some of the meet ups,


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    Welcome to the forum. You'll learn a lot here. Join in on meet-ups on the strip and downtown to encourage others to practice self-defense, and socialize with like-minded folks.

    I think Costco will never give up their stand of being against public safety. One more example of shallow thinkers who can't understand that having a few armed law-abiding shoppers in their store can only improve everyone's odds of survival if SHTF. Sad.

    In case you haven't already noticed, Sam's Club is OC-friendly. I've shopped both Costco and Sam's a lot over the years, and find Sam's has as good as or better prices on many items, especially the big ticket products like TV's; I bought a 47-inch model there a few months ago that Costco carried at $50 more (finally have a monitor that's easy on my tired old eyes!). What needs can't be satisfied at Sam's, you'll find at WalMart (also OC friendly) for good prices. On prices alone, no need to bother with Costco.
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    Just say no!

    Welcome. One bit of advise. If asked to leave your gun in the car tell them that you are not able to do that and if they want your business they will have to honor your natural rights. If they insist, take your business elsewhere. I think most of us on here would simply leave and vote with our money.

    Costco does not seem consistant as I shop the one on Marks frequently with never a problem.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas Rick View Post

    In case you haven't already noticed, Sam's Club is OC-friendly. .
    + 1

    I did not renew my COSTCO card over thier firearms policy, Sam's gets my business now.


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    Please don't make every thread about Costco.

    I know we're all upset about the Erik Scott murder, but this thread is not about Costco.

    Welcome to OCDO. We need as many law abiding firearms carriers as we an get. Most of all, we need people willing to take action. Even if it's a simple letter, written with our goals in mind, post your efforts here. When one active member takes action it can sometimes inspire others to take up a cause that we all support.

    Please participate in our causes either with your pen, your wallet or your conscience. We need you and we need your friends. Thank you for joining what could be the most worthy cause of our time. We are here to guide you, support you and assist you in your effort to make the free world safe from those who wish to strip you of your god given right to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones. Bad guys have guns, government has firearms, it stands to reason that private citizens should be no exception. People like Harry Reid and Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi would have you believe that you don't need to be armed to be safe. Make them understand that it is up to you to decide how to secure your safety and freedom. Rest assured, you are on safe ground here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas Rick View Post
    In case you haven't already noticed, Sam's Club is OC-friendly.
    I wouldn't go that far. They are OC TOLERANT, in OC states.

    I just got off the phone with the manager of my nearest Sam's Club (which is 10 miles past the Costco I usually shop at), and he says that the policy is to follow state law. He's not all that familiar with the law, but didn't seem adverse to the idea -- and I specifically mentioned OPEN carry.

    I think I'll drop by and scope the place out today, while OC, and see what happens.

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