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Thread: SAF sues Chicago again; WA CeaseFire exec reveals mindset

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    SAF sues Chicago again; WA CeaseFire exec reveals mindset

    SAF sues Chicago again; CeaseFire exec reveals anti-gun mindset

    On Monday, the Second Amendment Foundation filed another lawsuit against the City of Chicago, challenging the city’s new gun control ordinance that seems to have been deliberately designed to invite legal action.

    Or try this:

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    "Responsible Gun Ownership" ordinance

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    Among its key provisions are the following:
    • It allows for registration of no more than one handgun per month in the home per adult or applicant and generally prohibits the possession of a handgun by any person except in the person's home.
    • It establishes a two-step process to own and register a handgun. First, the applicant must obtain a city firearms permit, which requires having a valid State of Illinois Firearm Owners' Identification Card, and then the applicant must register the gun with the Chicago Police Department.
    • Handgun ownership is prohibited for anyone who has been convicted of any violent crime, has two or more offenses for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and under state law has been convicted of domestic violence.
    • It bans assault weapons and provides for mandatory jail time beginning in 2011 for anyone who is caught with one.
    • It requires firearms safety training, both in a classroom and on a firing range.
    • It bans gun shops.
    • It includes severe penalties for violating the ordinance, including hefty fines and jail time

    So you can legally own a gun (after you go through the 3 step registration and attended both of the required classes) But you have to drive AT LEAST an hour to purchase one???!!!???

    And if you step out on your porch to get the paper you are in violation of the "new" law and will face "hefty fines and jail time."

    This sounds EXACTLY like reasonable gun legislation to me, how bout you guys?

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    SCOTUS never used the words "resonable" or "sensible" gun control laws.

    The court wrote the following.

    We made it clear in Heller that our holding did not cast doubt on such longstanding regulatorymeasures as "prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill," "laws forbidding the carrying
    of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms."
    Id., at ___–___ (slip op., at 54–55). We repeat those assurances here.Despite municipal respondents’ doomsday proclamations, incorporation does not imperil every law regulating firearms.
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    It makes it a crime to have a laser sight accessory. Better get rid of your crimson trace grips and bore sighters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayd1981 View Post
    It makes it a crime to have a laser sight accessory. Better get rid of your crimson trace grips and bore sighters.
    Cite please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orphan View Post
    Cite please
    From the web linky:


    Provisions Restricting the Sale and Possession of Firearms

    Prohibits deadly weapons dealers and other persons from selling or otherwise transferring firearms, except through inheritance.
    Generally prohibits the possession of a handgun by any person, except in the person’s home. (Existing law states that the registration and possession of handguns not registered prior to 1982 generally are prohibited).
    Provides exceptions for peace officers, corrections personnel, military personnel, certain security personnel and an exception for the lawful transportation of a handgun.
    Generally prohibits a person from possessing a long gun, except when in the person’s home, or fixed place of business.
    Provides for the same exceptions as above for the possession of handguns, with an additional exception for hunters where hunting is lawful.
    The possession of assault weapons and other firearms that are unregisterable is prohibited. (See below.)
    Each person who keeps or possesses a firearm in his home must keep no more than one firearm in his home that is assembled and operable. All other firearms possessed in the home must be broken down in a nonfunctioning state or shall have trigger lock or other mechanism making the firearm temporarily inoperable.
    No person may keep or possess any firearm or ammunition in his home if the person knows or has reason to believe that a minor under 18 years old is likely to gain access to the firearm or ammunition, unless: (i) the person is physically present in the home and the firearm is either being held by the person or is physically secured on the person’s body; (ii) the firearm is secured by a trigger lock or similar mechanism; or (iii) the firearm and ammunition are placed in a securely locked box or container. However, no person may be punished under this provision if the minor uses the firearm for self-defense, or gains access to the firearm through unlawful entry.
    The possession or transfer of any laser sight accessory, or a firearm silencer or muffler is prohibited.
    The registered owner of a vehicle that contains a firearm registered to a person who is not the driver or occupant of the vehicle, an unregistered firearm, a firearm that is not being lawfully transported, an unregisterable firearm, a laser sight accessory, or a firearm silencer or muffler, shall be subject to an administrative penalty of $1,000 plus any towing and storage fees.
    The possession of ammunition by any person is prohibited unless the person has a valid owner’s permit (CFP–see below) and registration certificate for a firearm of the same caliber as the ammunition possessed.
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