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Thread: Movie goer loses gun in Franklin movie theater July 2010

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    Movie goer loses gun in Franklin movie theater July 2010

    On July 4th 2010 a movie goer found a loaded kahr pistol in a movie theater. The gun was supposedly left during toy story 3. The theater was the thoroughbred 20. The owner still hasn't come forward to claim the pistol. The value has got to be somewhere around $650. I know no one has claimed it because the franklin police just left my house, no I didn't let them inside, and said they are looking for the owner.

    They showed me a wanted ad on a local gun forum posted by user kwikrnu which said, "reward, looking for a kahr .40 with laser sight." It appeared the ad was simply someone looking for a kahr .40 with laser sight not an ad looking for a lost gun with laser sight. They said they wanted to return the gun to its rightful owner. I really want a kahr .40 with a laser sight, but knowing it is illegal to lie to cops I told them it wasn't mine and that I haven't lost a gun.

    I suggested they should run it for fingerprints or ballistics. They were not forthcoming with whether they had or not.

    On a side note the city of Franklin Tennessee has no laws, to my knowledge, which prohibit handguns or firearms in the city limits.

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    (8) KEEP IT ON-TOPIC: All gun rights discussions not directly related to open carry should take place in the "General Discussions" forum and topics that are not related to gun rights at all should take place in "The Lounge". Please police your own posts before posting them and help keep OCDO strong and focused.

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    Well, first, it is a topic, ironically not about Kwikrnu, posted by Kwikrnu.

    This is a valid thing in the aspect of "knowing where your gun is" part of any carry, concealed or open.

    My 2 cents is this: Most likely this was not a Permit Holder. Typically, the majority of Permit Holders I am aware of, probably even Kwik, would fess up.

    Losing your firearm, and not noticing for that long is a scary thing. The movie being shown was a Children's movie. Thankfully, the person(s) who found it turned it in, and a Child did not play with it...


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