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Thread: IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association)

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    IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association)

    Does anybody shoot IDPA? I shoot IDPA at American Classic gun range in Norcross, GA on Wednesday night. It's a lot of fun and the guys I shoot with are very cool. The last Sunday of every month there's an IDPA match at the South River Gun Club. This event is apart of GADPA, which I'am a member of. If this is something that you may want to try, come on down to American Classic gun range on Wed night at 6pm (new shooters).

    Also, in Sandy Springs they just opened up a new gun range and I found out that one of the guns that helps out at American Classic will be runing IDPA at this range also on Tuesday night.

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    I am the MD for Liberty IDPA. I also shoot at Low Country IDPA and occasionally go to Jacksonville to shoot. I go to as many sanctioned matches as I can afford and can't wait until this year's Georgia State match.

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    I shoot IDPA at the Cleveland Tennessee Hunting, Rifle and Pistol Club on the third Saturday of the month. I live about a mile from the state line and this is the closest match.

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