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Thread: Support for OC 9/25 in Vancouver, WA Esther Short Pak

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    Post Support for OC 9/25 in Vancouver, WA Esther Short Pak

    The bureaucrats and anti-gun, anti constitution folks in the Portland Metro NEED to HEAR and SEE OC's support. This fellow needs our help. I travel those trails and parks the same as he every day...note how the author barely even mentions the "organization" by name buried down low in the article.

    I'd like info on the ES Park event, time, etc., etc., THANX...(JeffinWesternWA) Moderator: move this, addendum as you wish...

    By Stephanie Rice
    Columbian Staff Reporter

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Gun rights supporter brings message to county commissioners He asks to have code, signs changed in regard to having a visible weapon in parks

    A Vancouver WA man who belongs to a national gun advocacy group made the same plea to Clark County commissioners on Tuesday as he did to the Vancouver City Council on Monday: update local codes regarding guns in parks so they are in accordance with state law, which says people may openly carry weapons in a non-threatening manner.

    Joe Winton, 26, said signs in county parks are in conflict with the state law. He said he and his wife frequent the Lacamas Heritage Trail along Lacamas Lake and recently attended a family reunion at Hockinson Meadows Community Park. Both parks have signs that say weapons are prohibited.

    On Monday, Vancouver City Attorney Ted Gathe said that Vancouver’s code on firearms in parks was written in the 1970s, when cities could decide whether a resident could have a gun in a city park or not. Since then, the state’s open-carry law has passed, superseding city code.

    Clark County Administrator Bill Barron said Tuesday that county staff members will be looking at changing park signs and county code, which, like the city code, pre-dates state law.

    Commissioner Tom Mielke, who has a concealed weapons permit, asked Winton why it’s important to him to be able to openly carry his gun.

    Winton said he believes concealed weapons look more suspicious and, as a practical matter, doesn’t want to have to wear a jacket or go to any effort to conceal his weapon, particularly in summer weather.

    “Just the mere sight of a firearm is a deterrent,” he told commissioners, adding that he does have a concealed weapons permit.

    Winton said after the meeting that he always carries his gun because he’s concerned about his safety.

    He said he has never been threatened, but does get asked if he’s a plain-clothes policeman.

    “I just say I’m a citizen,” Winton said.

    He said he’s trying to convince his wife to openly carry her gun, but said she prefers to keep her weapon concealed.

    Winton, who recently lost his job as manager of the Hollywood Video in West Hazel Dell because the store closed, belongs to

    He said the group will be having an “open-carry” picnic September 25 in Esther Short Park to support Kurk Kirby. Kirby, 26, was cited March 19 for unlawfully carrying a handgun at a local grocery store because city prosecutors said he was displaying it in a way that either “warranted alarm” or “manifested an intent to intimidate.” His trial is set for Oct. 1.

    Stephanie Rice: 360-735-4508 or

    JeffinWesternWA submitted this article from the Columbian Newspaper Website
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