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Thread: Bucks for Books Shootout in Ozark 9/10 & 9/11!

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    Bucks for Books Shootout in Ozark 9/10 & 9/11!

    Hosted by SOF-USA and the Missouri National Guard.
    All proceeds to Ozark Elementary Schools for books.

    $10 entry fee.

    Here's how the match will go:

    2 NRA 50 ft bullseye targets at 10 yards.

    10 shots on each target, shooter will be required to load, engage, and reload magazine between targets (most wheelgunners will load/reload 4 times).

    It will be timed, but for tie breaking only.

    Targets will be scored with the shooter in the lobby, time written on target and initialed by scorer and shooter. We'll be keeping "real-time" stats, so the shooter will be able to see where they stand in the points immediately.

    Div I: Open, any pistol any sight
    Div II: Stock, open sights
    Div III: Rimfire

    I do have permission from SOF-USA and the MONG rep (SFC McCall) to post it as it's an open to the public event. Flyer is attached in a PDF.

    Pre-registration preferred, but not required. You can contact the MONG office at 417-485-4012 or SOF-USA at 417-485-4867

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