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Thread: WAVE Gets Big $ Funding for 2010 - 11

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    WAVE Gets Big $ Funding for 2010 - 11

    WAVE has received $315,000 from Chicago's Joyce Foundation to fund WAVE's anti-firearm efforts over the next twelve months. Most likely the majority of this money will be used in a PR campaign attempting to convince the public, legistature and governor that public safety requires any Wisconsin concealed carry legisation be as restrictive as possible along with a complex process to obtain the necessary approvals.

    Watch them try to get requiring names and addresses of permit holders be a public record in the legistation as a way of reducing applicants. The Milwaukee paper has already started this process.

    As has been said many times on this board, state senators and representatives pass state laws. Get involved in the campaigns of those that support our interests, not those of a Chicago foundation that has billion$$ to spend on advancing its agenda.

    A hint of what the Joyce Foundation wants ---- look at what must be done to obtain a permit under Chicago's new gun permit rule.
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    We need to be proactive now more than ever if we want a chance at getting our gun rights back. We need to be in constant contact with our elected officials letting them know that we are paying attention. We also need to rally our troops to show up at the polls come november.

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