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Thread: Tucker Gun Leather

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    Tucker Gun Leather

    Why must they be so expensive??
    I want it but I can't justify the cost of getting the stamped belt and stamped HF1. Not when there are more guns to be bought, and bills to pay.

    But they look so damn good.

    I don't mind paying for quality, especially when we're talking about trusting our lives to this equipment, but from a rational point of view the Tucker gun leather doesn't seem to bring any significantly greater retention, better reliability, durability or faster draw than a more conventional Kydex or good commercial leather rig (emphasis on good).

    Has anyone else given hard thought to shelling out for the quality, aesthetic and craftsmanship of the Tucker Gun Leather HF1 or belts?

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    Yep...that's one of them.
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    Almost two years ago Rob & Tucker were so backlogged with orders that they struggling to deliver holsters within a year of the order date. Apparently Tucker's custom stamping was very popular and contributed largely to the delays. I've also been told that Tucker had developed a physical condition that made the stamping even more difficult & time consuming.

    Their solution to reducing the backlog had several parts. One was to hire more staff. Another was to double the cost of hand stamping.

    Today, a fully stamped Tucker rig (holster, belt, mag carrier) will run you a couple hundred bucks, but I still believe that their plain, unstamped and IWB holsters are a great value. They cost more than the factory produced products available in your local retail store, but they're hand made to order and are likely to be the last holster you'll buy for that gun. That's where the value comes in, IMHO.

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    These craftsmen make these by hand one at a time. If you want cheaper buy a Galco. Made on an assembly line and it shows.

    I bought The Answer and the attention to detail and quality is obvious. I don't mind paying for it because I know how these items are made.

    I have a Sparks VM II on order as well. Call me a sucker but I enjoy having a work of art. Paintings are too expensive and you can't carry a 1911 in them !
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    Most all custom leather work cost significantly (2 times) the production line rigs. They will also last 5 to 10 years if properly cared for.

    I would advise to pop the big bucks for the rig you really want. I have a whole drawer full of production holsters and belts that either wore out or just was not what I wanted.

    Remember, the belt and holster is the foundation of your carry gun. Get a good one.

    I don't have a Tucker, but all that I have read about them has been good. Other choices are among others.

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