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Thread: Morgantown WV Gabriel Brothers Store does not support the second ammendment

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    Morgantown WV Gabriel Brothers Store does not support the second ammendment

    Went to Gabriel Brothers Store in Morgantown WV today after work, thought I may find a decent bargain. i was open carrying of course. Well....for the first time I was asked to leave. A young kid walks up and says, "sir can i speak with you?" Then he politely informed me that they do not allow firearms in their store. i asked him why they dont put a sign up to save on the confusion. He just shrugged, So I asked if this was Company policy, Store Policy, or just securitys policy. His reply was that it is private property and I have to leave. So I just said, no problrem and left. Not before informing him and the manager who accompanied me to the door that I and my family have spent the last penny they will ever spend in their store. Didnt seem to bother him...i wonder if it will bother their corperate office??? who knows...But Ill find out!
    Michael Binegar, Morgantown WV.

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    Please never ask why they don't put up a sign - that's what they antis would do.

    Better to follow through with corporate and try to educate them, but do not encourage the "No Guns" sign.
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    When you are told that they "do not allow firearms in their store", it might be informative to ask them "if you call the police, because you're being robbed, do you expect the officer to bring a gun with him?" "Wouldn't it be handy if there was already someone here with a gun?"
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    Sounds like another hourly clerk trying to make company policy.

    If it happens again, ask for a copy of the company policy to take with you, to post so that other citizens will know they're not welcome there.

    But do follow up with the corp. office. They may not know that their clerk is making management decisions. All he knows is that he as an employee isn't allowed to defend himself while at work. He thinks it applies to customers, too.

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