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Thread: California Governor's race, our involvement.

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    California Governor's race, our involvement.

    When it comes to gun rights, Jerry Brown is the better choice over Meg Whitman. Of course, Jerry has other issues which is why many gun owners can't stomach Jerry Brown.

    Meg Whitman would be a disaster, she opposed to any of us carrying guns. Her actions banning all firearms related items for sale at E Bay show how she really feels about us.

    Chelene Nightingale supports both open and concealed carry. She does the UOC when she can, she is with us. I will concede that her chance of winning is slim, but what she can do is take away a significant number of votes from Meg Whitman.

    Chelene is Pro Life, Pro border control and pro gun. There are many people who are single issue voters on Abortion, immigration and gun rights. Many are republicans.

    Republican voters have a choice, vote their values(Chelene) or vote for the RINO(Meg)

    Chelene will attract people who will get involved with her due to other issues, many of those people are pro gun and it would be our opportunity to connect with many of those people.


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    Sadly, our voting system sometimes results in the worst candidate being elected because the votes for the better one were split between them and another candidate.

    If you don't think Chelen has any chance, don't throw your vote away. Vote instead for the lesser of two evils - Jerry Brown.
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