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Thread: Interesting exchange in Walgreens

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    Interesting exchange in Walgreens

    It is well known that I absolutely cannot stand people's automatic assumption that I am a police officer.

    However, as an open carrier, I am a representative of all firearm owners and I always bite my tongue and do the right thing by remaining polite and courteous at all costs, no matter what manner of person I am faced with. I've met them all: The "know it all" telling me I'm breaking the law, the "soccer mom" telling me how dangerous I am to her precious babies, the "San Francisco liberal" accusing me of penis compensation...I've smiled and calmly kept my cool facing the best of them. Bring it on! You're not going to get the hot heated reaction you think you are, all you haters!

    This being said, it's hard for me to pass up an opportunity to make my feelings known if I can do it without coming off as abrasive or smartalecky. I just had an interesting encounter:

    Walgreens clerk: "What was all the commotion at the gas station across the street this morning?"

    Me: "Commotion? I don't know. I don't go to that gas station."

    Walgreens clerk: "Well, there were about five cop cars there with their lights and sirens on a few hours ago. I figured you might know."

    Me: "Nope. However, I'll bet if you ask a police officer the next time you see one, one of them might be able to tell you."

    I then turned my back and walked away to continue my shopping.

    I don't think I crossed the line into rudeness, but I feel that I did come close to smart-aleck. I kind of kicked myself for reacting badly since I always go out of my way to be polite, but I haven't came to the conclusion that I actually did come off as a jerk. Hope the guy didn't take it badly. Hopefully, I just made him think about his assumptions. Maybe I should have done so in a more straightforward manner.

    Sure was hard to pass up the "I'll bet if you ask a police officer" line, though.
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    +1 You gotta love those "here's your sign" moments.

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    You probably should of made up an outlandish story and then left.

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    I second that. just come up with some random story and go balls to the walls with it. could have been funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cash50 View Post
    You probably should of made up an outlandish story and then left.
    Lol.. no kiddin'. Tell her there was a man over there that likes young, pretty girls and he is targeting said girls in the area. He's already accosted 5 of them, and he's getting more bold everyday. Tell her if she sees any young, pretty girls to make them

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    "Well I heard they were staking out this store because they are dealing drugs here"

    Don't worry,

    You did fine officer!


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