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Thread: My gun proved itself worthy

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    Exclamation My gun proved itself worthy

    This goes to show you never know when something will happen.

    Living in a house off campus of Murray State University

    Friday night my girlfriend and I went to a rodeo event got a blizzard and came home to watch a movie. While we went out, my roommates met up at the bars with their buddies for a regular night of safe and fun drinking. Went to bed after the movie around 11:30.

    I am awaken at 2:30 AM to very loud banging on my window as if someone is trying to break it. I reach only a foot away from my head and grad my new Springfield XD .40 and assume the position that someone is coming through the window(I cannot see outside due to a closed blind and condensation. Seconds later the banging stops, followed by the sound of someone kicking the front door. I leave my bedroom and position myself behind the front door to have a position when he enters.

    Almost immediately the door is kicked in and I am prepared to defend my life and that of my girlfriend. A man charges through the door and starts running into my kitchen. I run behind him and push him as hard as i can into the wall by the kitchen door. He hits hard, turns around, and runs out the front door as soon as he sees i have my gun drawn on him.

    The man never returned. It was later found out that before he came to my house he had knocked out two innocent guys at the bar from behind(including one of my roommates) and was eventually picked up at the hospital with a broken hand.
    When he came into my house I had my adrenaline flowing but my body was still not awake for a fight if it was to come about. If i did not have my firearm with me while I was sleeping something very bad could have happened considering the man was twice my size and under the influence of some substance.

    I am proud my gun did its job even if it wasn't fired. This is why i believe law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry their guns on campus.

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    Let me get this straight . You have a gun in your hand ready to defend yourself and you are positioned where you could defend yourself before he actually bust your door open and he still gets into your house runs into your kitchen and you make physical contact with this guy ? I wasn't there but I can't see it going this way if it were to happen to me. Maybe I read your post wrong but if the guy busted your door down while you were in a good position waiting and ready to defend yourself and he still gets in, runs through your house, makes physical contact with you and runs out of your house, I don't see where you ever did anything to defend yourself of your girlfreind. I hope you called the police and are at least pressing the burglary charges. Like I said I wasn't there and I'm withholding judgement ( kinda) untill I have more info. Glad you were not hurt though.

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    Two identical threads?


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