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Thread: Upcoming events.

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    Upcoming events.

    There are going to be Tea Parties in Sacramento on Sep 12, also down in southern Ca. Sept 12 is a Sunday.

    We should at least empty holster, smooze with the crowd. A sidearm gets attention, great place to network guys.

    On Sep 24 thr 25 in Burlingame Ca, south of San Fran, the SAF is holding their annual gun rights policy conference at the Hyatt Regency. Key players in gun rights will be there.

    Registration is free. I will go to the Hyatt within the next two weeks and talk with management about open carry and see if they will do a Starbuck's for us. They may have to call their corporate.

    I will try to be diplomatic. Marriot right now is on alot of people's **** list because of the no guns policy at the NRA conference. I am sure that is costing them alot of business in the long run.

    If anyone here is going to the SAF GRPC conference and they have video/live web capablity, that would be extremely useful because we could stream the conference over the internet. It would expose many people to our group.


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    Can you post links to the Tea Party rallies? I might be up for the So Cal one if the time and place are right.

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    Yes, pleased update any all TP orgs that are having events in SoCal.


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