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Thread: Carry Friendly Employers

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    Carry Friendly Employers

    Does anyone here work for an employer large or small that is perfectly comfortable with their employees being armed on the job. police departments, Bail bondsman, private security guards and gun store employers would be the obvious ones, but what about other jobs that you wouldn't suspect? has anyone ever gotten the green light from their boss to be armed at work? If you are your own boss, and you have employees working for you do you let them carry at work?

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    Fine with me.

    I have one employee and she is welcome to carry if she so chooses.


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    I worked at a company that didn't really want you armed in the facility although a few were but really didn't care about you bringing in your hardware for a little show and tell. Of course when your building machine guns and theres racks of M60s and M2s everwhere the "no firearms" policy is rather pointless.
    I will say it made me a bit nervous sometimes asunfortunately we are not always as careful as we should be and I saw a lot of weapons being passed around action closed and unchecked by the handler as well as some muzzle awarness faux pa.
    I also worked armed and "unarmed" security work. The unarmed jobs we just deep concealed and if the boss could claim no knowledge of us being armed on visual inspection wew were GTG. He knew and encouraged us to carry and never went out of his way to find out.

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    I am an employer who supports open carry in the office, but CC when onsite at a customer location (unless I happen to know that customer is cool, and will be ok with OC).

    I previously worked for an ISP years ago, and everyone there was OC or CC all the time. (the office was at 7th and Fremont)

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