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Thread: Wisconsin's 84th Assembly District (New Berlin, Hales Corners)

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    Wisconsin's 84th Assembly District (New Berlin, Hales Corners)

    Just got off the phone with John Marek, candidate for Wisconsin's 84th Assembly District. I'd like to pass along to anyone living in the 84th (New Berlin and Hales Corners, as well as part of Waukesha township) that John fully supports unrestricted right to carry for law-abiding citizens.

    John spoke of his support for open and concealed carry without a permit (just like Arizona, Alaska, and Vermont)

    John said he would eagerly vote for the repeal of 941.23 (the conceal carry ban)

    John clearly articulated to me his fundamental understanding of what the right to carry means and his desire to advocate for those rights in the state legislature.

    That makes 2 candidates form the 84th Assembly District that I've had the chance to speak with. Dave Swarthout is also a strong supporter of the unrestricted (ak, az, vt style) right to carry of law abiding citizens.

    I have not yet had a chance to speak to the other candidates Mike Kuglitsch or Perry Grutza but will post feedback if I have a chance to speak with them. Wisconsin Carry, Inc. is not affiliated with or these web forums. Questions about discussion forum policy or forum moderation should be directed to the owners of not Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

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    It is about time we are starting to see candidates that are willing to listen and stand up for our rights. This isn't just talk either, they are to close to the elections now so they are obviously not pulling any punches. Great feed back. Thanks for passing that on.

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