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Thread: Way too early for most, Logan range about 7 or 8 AM Friday morning

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    Way too early for most, Logan range about 7 or 8 AM Friday morning

    Greetings and generic invite. Got the lowers done tonight and hit Logan for some sighting in, got the red dot close and then forgot to lock it down LMAO so have a do over on Friday. Liking it a lot we spent about 2 hours having some fun, got dad to go with it and must say "the old man" has still got it!

    I loaded up some custom 30-30 loads very specific to the chamber on his 336. For those of you not loading for a lever gun, there is not as much tolerance as there is on a bolt or an auto because the lever won't smush it on shut lol, head spacing is critical. well I loaded these bad boys up at 150 gr, 2500 FPS 1500ftlbs at 100 yards if I recall and I took the caliper to em, trimmed the cases to within 1/1000th and whipped out 10.

    Pop tagged a bullseye that was probably .20 MOA and the rest was a plastic QT 32 ounce cup lol. He liked the new ar too but thought the red dot was odd as he had never shot one.

    Took a lot of shots to get the red dot close to on target, but it is not a 500 dollar eotch so it may not hold as well or perhaps it will. There is also a good chance I will scope it and put iron sights on as well.

    Anyway, great time shooting this evening, going back friday with a few hundred 223. Will be gone noon though, other plans in the works. My lovely madien is going as well and I am sure my buddy is going and perhaps his lady if she is not working (rumor is she is gonna kill us for not waiting for her tonight lol) Hollar if you want to come or just show up.

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    Id be all over it but I'm leaving town that morning. Keep us posted, Ill try to catch the next one. Or maybe Ill try to organize a meet somewhere...
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