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Thread: New member of the family- Redhawk .45

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    New member of the family- Redhawk .45

    Tho I have used and carried semi-autos a lot more than wheelguns, I have always had an affinity for six-shooters. They feel good in my hand, they are less prone to stoppages, and best of all, you can load up some elephant stopping loads in the guns capable of handling high pressures.
    So I got this Redhawk 4" .45 LC To me it is a good size to carry, whether open or concealed. I make up some 300 gr loads that would stop any N American game, tho I would not choose a 4" tube as my hunter.
    Now to get a spring kit for it, a holster- a pretty wheelgun deserves good leather, no black plastic on this piece....
    An' a speed loader or 2. Tried the speedloaders for .44, they are just a bit too small as one might expect....
    I think I'll look around for the Rosewood grips from a full size Redhawk, too. Much prettier

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    Very NICE.
    I wouldn't want to be lookin down the business end of that moose stopper.
    It deserves a good slab of leather.

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    yeesh - I bet that spits some flames when it barks! Might want to keep the rubber grips on there for comfort.

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    Love Ruger Revolvers!

    Very nice choice indeed! - My favorite OC arm is a Ruger .45 Colt too, an old Vaquero to be exact. Love the moose stopping ability, and I agree about nice wood too. Even stiff loads are just fine with steel back strap-n-wood, my little wife can handle the 255 grainers at 1100 fps just fine. We also have a GP100 in 357 mag. Ruger really does make a great hand cannon.

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    Thumbs up


    Used to have one...very sorry I sold it.
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    Nice piece! I've got me one a bit like it (about 3.5" longer) and in .41 Magnum flavor, but I love it. It was my first handgun; got it when I was 18 with a Winchester 1200 as a trade for my old motorcycle (1983 Yamaha DT100K).

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