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Thread: Open carry in suffolk

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    Open carry in suffolk

    I commute between Florida and Virginia. While I was home in VA in June I opened carried in Walmart off College Drive and Firehouse Subs. No problem or stares in Walmart but I got a lot of looks and wide-eyed stares in Firehouse Subs. The gal behind the register called a supervisor/manager over as I approached the counter. KInd of odd as military, firefighters, and police frequent the establishments.
    I wish that Florida was open carry. Oh, well.

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    A few years ago I was illegally detained at that same Walmart, the one off of College Dr. I went in to buy a card for my mother, as well as a few other things. The officer came up to me, asked to see my ID, and when I politely refused, he disarmed me. Held me there for hours (I don't think I got out of the store until the wee hours of the morning), and they finally let me go when they couldn't find anything to charge me with (they literally brought the ol' Code book into the store, and I believe they even called a Magistrate).

    I filed a formal complaint, which was immediately swept under the rug. If I knew then when I know now, I would most likely be a much wealthier person.

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    I've OC'd in that Wal-Mart dozens of times in the last year or so...never had a problem.

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