Decided to take a trip today down to the pit and do some shooting. Took me a little while to find the place. Interestingly enough there was only two other people down there. One gentleman who was shooting .22's through a semi auto. Kinda looked like a 9mm changed out to shoot .22's. Me and the brother in law where shooting the Glock 17 today. We went through 3 boxes of winchester and one box of cheap russian steel cart fmj's. All in all a very enjoyable day. The other gentleman there was just collecting brass for reloads. Anyway if you want a good place to shoot and very few people you may get lucky. Try it during the week day. On the weekends I heard it gets pretty busy. So if your like me take a trip down there during the week. I open carried from the car to the pit so I guess that counts as an open carry story too lol! Anyway thought I might share my adventure.