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Thread: Reddin, Singer & Govin, LLP Press Release - Impact of McDonald on Wisconsin Gun Laws

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    Reddin, Singer & Govin, LLP Press Release - Impact of McDonald on Wisconsin Gun Laws
    Quote Originally Posted by EXCERPT
    Backlash Against Fox's Policy
    [ ... ]
    According to the Journal Sentinel, Jackson County Sheriff Duane Waldera took a similar approach. He said that Fox's aggressive interpretation of McDonald has put his deputies in a tough position and that they will keep making arrests if they see violations, leaving it to Fox not to prosecute. The Journal Sentinel also reported on Department of Natural Resources concerns over poaching and threats to the public safety and law enforcement.

    Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm responded that while he's not surprised by Fox's reaction, he believes that the proper forum for resolution is in the courts and legislature and that, until that time, the responsible thing to do is enforce the laws. A spokesman for state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen claimed that Fox's policy lies within his discretion as an elected district attorney, and declined to comment about Fox's position.

    Those who have been arrested for or charged with a weapons offense should contact a criminal defense attorney for counsel on the current state of the law and protection of their constitutional rights.
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    Reddin, Singer & Govin, LLP are not District Attorneys so I would not expect anything less from them. It is interesting to note the response from the AG's office though.

    I have still not received a response from the DA for Calumet County. I am sure with all of the corruption in this county there will be no response. They would rather railroad people instead. I almost look forward to the day of that battle here whether it is me or someone else.

    One could only wish that every county could be represented by DA Fox.

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    Koss, the DA from Walworth County hasn't responded to me either. Of course, he's not up for election this year either.

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