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Thread: Nice CL post from pro-CCW LEO

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    Nice CL post from pro-CCW LEO

    Glad to see an LEO out there who is pro-CCW! And his advice (go get trained) is pretty good too!

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    Nice post and I can not stress enough the need to train.

    IMO if your going to carry, CCC or OC you need to train and train and then train some more.

    While going to the range and just standing there shooting is training, it is a bit limited in that in the real world the bad guys just don't stand there and let you get into the proper stance, get a good sight picture, inhale, hold and slowly squeeze the trigger.

    IMO you need to practice drawing from the holster, engaging multiple advisories, reloading, malfunction drills, basic weapon retention, situational awareness.

    I do not run a shooting school or anything like that so this is not an attempt to drum up business, I spend a good amount of time and money on training every year.
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