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Thread: Open carriers in Whatcom County

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    Smile Open carriers in Whatcom County

    I wanted to thank everyone for all the support, encouragement, and education that you have provided over the past several years since I joined this board. I now have several friends who are not on this board who routinely open carry because of discussions that you have made possible. I have not seen any of them without a pistol in almost a year. Before I started hanging out on this board and getting educated I had never seen one of them openly carry.

    Each of them has been places where Bellingham PD, either on or off duty were. In each of their cases, on at least one occasion this year, a comment was made to either them or to someone they knew about their open carry by those officers. In each case it was a positive or neutral encounter. They handled themselves well and it becomes increasingly apparent that the police and many citizens are becoming more aware of the legality of what we do.

    Thanks for everything.

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    I concur. And would like to make sure you are included in that thanks Cal.
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