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Thread: October 30th Open Carry Rally at Little Five Points intersection, Atlanta

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    October 30th Open Carry Rally at Little Five Points intersection, Atlanta

    Restore the Constitution Open Carry Rallies (round 3)

    What: 3rd round of Restore the Constitution open carry rallies

    When: October 30th, the Saturday before the elections

    Where: Your hometown, in the most visible firearms carry legal location possible (In my case that will be Little Five Points, Atlanta)

    Who: You and anyone else ready to get started on some “Second Amendment remedies”

    Why: 1) To practice gathering together while armed 2) to show friends, foes, and neutrals alike what can be done and to what extent Second Amendment rights can be used and to know where they stand 3) To bring attention to the fact that the Constitution is being violated in multiple ways. It’s one thing to debate online; it’s quite another to speak to the public or the media while carrying a weapon.

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    Please..., just be Armed with other People who you both know and Trust.
    Atlanta can be very Dangerous..., if you were by yourself.
    Someone down there who does not care about anybody Personnal Safety or Welfare could attempt to Rob you of your Firearm.
    However, in accordance with Leg. Act 2010 SB 308, Open or Concealed Carry of a Weapon, by a Weapons Carry License Holdeer, is Legal to or while at Political Events or Functions.
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