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Thread: OC'd @ Farmers Market & Art Streeet

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    OC'd @ Farmers Market & Art Streeet

    So, the wife daughter and I decided to go to the GB Farmer's Market. Got there around 9ish, walked throughout the entire Market w/ no issues, don't even recall any looks.
    However, when I stopped to purchase some fine Wisconsin Honey, I did get a chance to educate the proprietor, to which he gave my little girl an apple, all in all a conversation that lasted about 10 min. No hassles!
    Then on our way back to the truck we had remembered that Art Street was goin on. So we dropped the items off at the truck and off we went.
    We were there for about 2 1/2 hrs got a fair share of looks and some smiles as well. I was asked by several people "what's the deal w/ the gun?" So, again another opportunity to help educate those.
    Also had a long conversation with a photographer that wanted to snap a few pictures of me and my weapon, I obliged.
    He thought that it was great, the lengths I'd go to to protect my Family.
    There also were sever LEO's both on duty and off duty there. Again, as I expected no issues.
    Oh and guess what, there was Beer and Wine being sold there. No issues!
    Sitting around sharing some Ice Cream with my daughter was great, nice breeze, beautiful weather and great time.
    Since I've been OC'n more, I feel so much more aware of my environment, not paranoid just more situationally aware.

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    Nice job! Sounds like an all around good day!

    Carry On

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    Well done. Sounds like a great day educating the public as well as your daughter. She will be better for the experience. Carry on and carry proud.

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    Definitely need to educate those artsy types . Awesome that a guy snapped some photos....that would make some great black and white prints.

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