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Thread: My Gun Has Served Its Purpose

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    My Gun Has Served Its Purpose

    I bought my Springfield XD 45 to protect and save lives in the face of the realities of the world we live in. Over the past couple of weeks I have been teaching someone who has never handled a weapon before we met how to shoot, how to carry, and gave knowledge of the laws of gun ownership, carry, and use in Washington and Arizona. This person has wished for the will to defend herself and I had the honor of giving that to her and today I purchased a Springfield XD 40 for her to carry on a daily basis. She was elated and ecstatic about learning how to shoot and carry a gun. In that regard, I would like to thank the people of this forum for their hard work and support. The work you do, saves lives.

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    Excellent job ACM, keep up the good works!

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