I am watching Spiderman 3 this afternoon. He was my comic book hero in the 6th and 7th grades, as he was with both many of us, as well as many who are against us.

While watching the final battle scene between Spidey and the alien as played by Eddie Brock (Topher Grace), it suddenly occured to me: Why aren't one or more of the hundreds down there simply plugging a hole in Eddie Brock/Venom's character?

Venom may be of alien origen, but the only two comic book folks I've read about who can routinely dodge bullets are Superman and the Flash.

The good citizens of New York being good citizens notwithstanding, and I'm sure they have all called 911, which is why the cop cars are all over the place. What I can't understand is why are they just standing around? Have they been disarmed or something?

Really, I just don't get it. Even if I'm just 1 out of 100 with respect to my being a good shot holds true (although I suspect I'm merely 1 out of 3), why aren't those good New York citizens firing on their bead of Venom?

Oh, yeah. A quick search on the maps section reveals: "New York is not a traditional open carry state. They are amongst the top 5 rights restricted states in the union."

Uh, DUH.

My parents' neighborhood had a block party gathering at a local school yesterday. Of course it was a school, and since federal law fails to specify hours, I could not carry.

For the first time in several months, I actually felt somewhat naked! What if some lunatic with online access decided to start blowing away my parents and their neighbors?


I played frisbee with my Dad (he taught me when I was three), interacted with and got to know many fine folks, and just felt naked without my firearm, which I've been able to carry pretty much anywhere for decades.

Except school grounds.

I had a good conversation with one of the neighbors (age 60+) who doesn't carry himself, but who agrees with me fully. His words: "I actually wish you were carrying, as this event did go out there online. We're sitting ducks! I'd feel a lot safer if you were allowed to carry a firearm here."

So would I. In 25+ years of carrying, I've never pulled a weapon, though I came very close one day back in 1991, and if I'd not been carrying that day, I'd have been a victem.

So please tell me which numb-bag crap for brains lawmakers enacted their hair-brained rule preventing me from carrying with 1000' of school grounds?

As a law-abiding citizen, I just flat out don't get it. A lot of law-breaking criminals, however, do, and they'll simply continue to fire away in their lawmake-created gun-free zones safe in the knowledge it'll take a lot longer before anyone takes them down.

My, God - are our politicians THAT stupid? As the 1995 Microsoft video said, "grow a brain."