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Thread: Altamonte Springs FL auto mechanic needed

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    Altamonte Springs FL auto mechanic needed

    I know, this is not OC related, but you folks are in or around florida, so I thought you might be able to assist.

    I have a friend in Altamonte Springs, Florida who is in a tight spot. I have assisted him in acquiring a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am XE, with a 3.4L V6 automatic. We got it licensed and insured. It runs fine, and he can drive it a few miles at a time with no problems. He is a single dad with full custody of "Bowman" a small boy who's mother is a real flake.

    Jack is trying very hard to get himself to a point where he can see daylight, however, the car he purchased from a "friend of a friend" has an overheating problem.

    He says it is not leaking water, and there is no water in the oil, but it drinks water, so I suspect it is a blown head gasket (?) He says the fans do not turn on. i suggested putting a toggle switch on the dash and operating them manually, but Jack is like a fish with a bicycle when it comes to mechanical repairs.

    Can you, or can anyone you know and TRUST, help me out with this situation? I need someone to go check out the car, diagnose the problem, and give me a good estimate of the repair costs, so the car is DEPENDABLE. I am not a rich man, but I may be able to cover REASONABLE repair costs. I need someone who has good repair skills and enough COMPASSION to solve this problem for modest compensation.

    I'd appreciate your efforts to put out the feelers in that area, since I don't know anyone in Altamonte Springs, or in Florida and I'm 3,000 miles away, or I'd fix it myself!

    Thanks in advance for any assistance. Send any responses to nunnaubiz2009 (at) yahoo (dot) com. The emails will come straight to my cell phone.

    Joe Jones
    Southern California
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    if somehow, someway your friend makes it to lee county and still needs it looked at, you can call or text me at 239-foursix4-ninefivefive0, and i will be happy to look at it, otherwise im too far away

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