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Thread: Unarmed and Naked in NC

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    Unarmed and Naked in NC

    So my wife and I decided to come down to visit her parents here on the Western side of the state. We were running late on the departure and I failed to check into how OC is handled here as well as CCW reciprocity with Michigan.

    That being the case, I left both my 1911 and my XD-9 at home and now I feel naked.

    Anyone know off the top of their head if Michigan CCW is honored here? Also, is there any restrictions on people choosing to OC who are not residents of the state?

    Just want to know for next time.
    I always open carry one of my Kimber 1911 pistols everywhere I go. Usually in a paddle holster. Nothing fancy, but it works for me.

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    CONUS ~for now~

    Smile Michigan reciprocity

    States with North Carolina Agreements
    Alabama Kentucky Oklahoma
    Alaska Louisiana Pennsylvania
    Arizona Michigan South Carolina
    Arkansas Mississippi South Dakota
    Colorado Missouri Tennessee
    Delaware Montana Texas
    Florida Nebraska Utah
    Georgia Nevada Virginia
    Idaho New Hampshire (resident permits only) Washington
    Indiana North Dakota West Virginia
    Kansas Ohio Wyoming

    18 and older can OC.
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    Between the maps on here and this website, it should cover all you gun questions. The maps here can give you all the info you need for OC. This site is mainly CC.

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    and you can OC here resident or non.

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