There has been some talk in the Michigan forums about our good neighbors in Ohio bringing long guns to Arts Beats and Eats.


To do so will do great and irreparable harm to OC in Michigan. We have been working very hard and have been making incredible progress in Michigan, and AB&E is under the microscope right now.

If you do come to AB&E, let me be the first to say Welcome. But please please leave the rifles at home. This isn't yet the time or place for that. In time, perhaps, I would like to see it someday, but the antis in Michigan have had their wings clipped by us, and they are out for blood. They want to expand gun free zones, and if at all possible, ban OC altogether. When I say they are out for blood, it isn't a figure of speech, we have had death threats that specified OCers at Arts Beats and eats.