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Thread: Senator Ducheny Changed Her "NO" Vote to "AYE" on AB 1934

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    Senator Ducheny Changed Her "NO" Vote to "AYE" on AB 1934

    Ducheny just switched her vote and now the tally is 20-16. We need to hit Ducheny's Capitol Office with everything we've got. Please call Senator Denise Ducheny's Capitol Office at 916-651-4040 or fax 916-327-3522 to voice your opposition to AB 1934. If at all possible, we need to switch her vote back to "NO". Residents of District 40's (Southern California) calls will carry the most weight but everyone should call. We also need to get as many people from the Law Enforcement Community to call in to Ducheny's Capitol Office to oppose AB 1934 as possible.

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    Exclamation Also ...

    The Democrats are now trying to twist Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod to change her vote from "No" to "Aye" on AB 1934. Please call her office and very respectfully ask her to maintain her "No" vote on AB 1934. Her phone number is (916) 651-4032. Her fax is (916) 445-0128. We need all hands on deck for this one! If McLeod changes her vote, AB 1934 will pass!

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    News on Alabama radio says it was 'shot' down, you can still have an unloaded hammer, they didn't bring up the leo inspections are still a go, and schools are foreign countries not subject to the constitution. But you at least haven't lost ground.
    Maybe the illegals convinced them that if they ban guns, only Arizona will have guns.

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    Was that yesterday's vote or today's? It was shot down yesterday, several times I think. I haven't heard anything about today's vote.

    You see, here in the PRK, when socialists don't get their way in a vote, they just keep bringing it up again and again until they do get what they want.

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