The Democrats in the Senate are trying to twist the arms of the members who are not voting their way on AB 1934. They've already been successful in changing Senator Ducheny's vote and are in the process of doing the same with Senator McLeod. If they are successful in turning around just one more vote in their favor (currently 20 Ayes, 16 Noes), then AB 1934 will pass. Right now would be the time for all of us to find our own State Senator to, once again, call and fax in our opposition to AB 1934 to make sure that our voices are heard. In addition we need to tie up the Capitol phone lines of both Ducheny and McLeod all day today with phone calls urging them to vote "NO" on AB 1934. It is critical that we do this now and that we are courteous and respectful. Please call everyone you know and have them do the same! Everyone can find their State Senator using the link found here.