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Thread: MWAG report, but very poor choice of words.

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    MWAG report, but very poor choice of words.

    From the Free Lance-Star web page.

    Two important snips:

    "At that point, the young man reached into a black nylon bag that had been on his back and pulled out a handgun. Bledsoe said it isnít clear if he pointed the gun at the jogger."

    But earlier in the story, we have:

    " police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said, police would like to know who the young man is and why he had a gun."

    The much more important question would be, "Why did this young man decide to use a gun to commit a crime?"

    This is like asking a drunk driver why he had a car.


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    Don't worry - the reporter is not the only genius in the City of Fredericksburg:
    The woman responded by sprinting up Charlotte Street toward the Marriott on Caroline Street yelling, ďHe has a gun!Ē

    Several men who were in the area of the nearby Visitors Center immediately ran toward the bicyclist

    It's nice to know there are folks who are willing to help, but maybe they need to rethink their tactics. Ya think?

    As for the tone and tenor of the article, as well as the inquiries of the police officer - just remember that they have great difficulty with the concept of anybody [except the ONLY ONES] with a gun, especially when it is so much easier to commit a crime without one, unless you want your victim to comply with your demands.

    At least the young lady had the sense to run away. Maybe there is some learning that takes place in college these days.

    stay safe.

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