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Thread: Clarification of NC prohibited carry locations

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    Clarification of NC prohibited carry locations

    Assuming hurricanes won't prevent it, I will be traveling from Virginia to the Outer Banks in mid-September. To prevent potentially breaking any North Carolina law, I would like to get some clarification regarding NC prohibited carry locations.
    First, let me state this question applies to concealed carry, not open carry. Let me also state I have no problem with others open carrying. However, I am a rather reserved person and do not want to be involved in a potential confrontation with "anti's". One of the "anti's" is my wife; if she doesn't know I am carrying I have already avoided a confrontation.
    Anyway, I have reviewed the NC laws regarding prohibited carry, and I am hoping someone can clarify the meaning of two of the prohibited locations.
    One of the prohibited locations is "assemblies where an entrance fee is charged"; does this apply to movie theaters?
    The other location is "where alcoholic beverages are sold or consumed". In Virginia, beer and wine are sold in supermarkets, 7-11's, gas stations, etc. I don't know how beer and wine are sold in North Carolina, but is there any chance I would be breaking the law by entering supermarkets, 7-11's, gas stations, etc?
    Any info on these locations, or any other tidbits of useful information, will be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to NC... No carry in the Movie theater. You can carry in those other places you mentioned. You can not carry in locations that serve booze, Sell & consume. Gas stations etc just sell, no drinking at those locations.
    unfortunately my gun spends half its life in the lock box in the car because of the restrictions.

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