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Thread: Going on political offensive in the next 2 months.

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    Going on political offensive in the next 2 months.

    The hard work of a few key people, your support and many others stopped AB1934, it could not have come any closer. You might throw in that we had some "good luck" as well. We literally dodged "bullets".

    So, now that we have finished playing defense, we must go on offense and we must do it now.

    Everyone of us can help in our own way, but the thing is all of us need to do something.

    That being said, I am involved in a few projects to promote not just our gun rights, but all rights. Let me start.

    Governor's race. Meg Whitman will be a disaster, for gun rights Jerry Brown is the lesser of the two evils. That being said I am supporting Chelene Nightingale for Governor. She is someone that Conservatives/Libertarians can rally behind.

    For those of you who support Meg Whitman, my question is WHY? For those of you who support Jerry Brown, please release that the stronger Chelene gets, the weaker Meg Whitman gets.

    Chelene is pro life, pro border control, pro gun and anti wall street bailout. Meg Whitman is pro choice, kissing up to illegals , anti gun and friends with the Wall Street people that got bailed out.

    Meg is out of touch with Pro Lifers, Pro border control folks, pro gun people and many in the Tea Party. Do you think that Chelene may be able to grab a few votes?

    Chelene btw supports open carry, although she would prefer LOC.

    Prop 19. I am meeting next week with their campaign, I support this prop because if it passes, it will mean that California will be going against the Feds on Commerce Clause, 9th and 10th amendment issues.

    This would open the doors to building a united front from the left and right for restoring the balance of power from Washington to us.

    Legalization would lead to restoring Industrial Hemp. That could easily become a 200-500 billion dollar per year industry. Think that might help with our economic depression?

    For you guys in the rural areas, where do you think the Industrial Hemp would be grown?

    Right now Prop 19 is looking to get people involved to help run the campaign. At this point we could fill their campaign with pro gun types in leadership positions. This would give us an opportunity to outreach to people who may be hostile to us.

    Hostility toward gun rights happens often because of ignorance. Quite frankly, there are many people who never met people like us, so they just make assumptions that we are all "rednecks". Not that I have an issue with "Rednecks".


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    You left out a lot about Nightingale

    She has no legal background, and no legal scholars at her disposal, so it is unlikely she can accomplish most of those commerce clause, 9th and 10th amendment issues. That could be because she doesn't have a clue about the mechanics of them. Last I checked, she had taken in less than 20K for the entire year for donations, and some of that was material.:

    She'd have to pull off a miracle to even be a contender, and although she trumpets religion like a sword and a shield, I don't think she's in line for one of those. Should that dumbfounding event come to pass, Nightingale would actually have to switch from a campaign based upon rhetoric to one where she'd have to elaborate on the details of her sketchy plans and actually defend her credentials before real TV network anchors. I don't see that being a very flattering scenario anywhere. I'd predict that if even one Geraldo Rivera type interviewer got her on screen for an hour or less, the resulting carnage would most likely drive Chelene to the nearest crisis clinic where she'd sit in a corner eating a tub of ice cream while someone with a psych degree tried to rebuild enough of nightingales confidence to get her through a waitressing job.

    We all want to restore some constitutional propriety to our state, but Chelene is a poser, not a statesman. Sending her as our best hope would assure our opponents we have zero credibility. Unfortunately, we are on our own this time. We have no champion. But we can start grooming some for the next time around. That doesn't mean we're out of options by any means. We still can practice resistance.

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