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Thread: >380 or is it good enough for deep cc

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    >380 or is it good enough for deep cc

    Seems a bit weak. But i realy like the LCP. Anyone use 380+p in their ruger LCP against rugers wishes?

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    I'm a bit torn on this issue. I think as a deep cc weapon a .380 is acceptable. On the other hand, there are guns of similar size that pack a bit more punch. the cz 82 in 9x18 is marginally better in power, as well as sights and capacity. The small kahr pistols are available in larger calibers from 9mm to 45 and are also in the same size category as the lcp. That said, the lcp for it's purpose, deep cc, is a good deal price wise and will probably be a reliable piece for a long time.

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    I'd pay attention to Ruger

    Ruger designed the gun for normal loads only and running +P is not advisable. I assume you would use +P for self defense situations only. Do you really want to find out they weren't kidding, when your life depends on it?

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    There are many days I trust my P32 to protect me. I would love to always have my 5" XD45 on my side, but that ain't feasable. So on those days that I'm wearing a pair of gym shorts or sweats, my P32 is my best friend.

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    technology and viability

    If this was 30 years ago, I'd say that .380 wasn't the best choice of round. Then again, as my friend would ask if I'd mind catching one so we could prove how ineffective it is... My declination of services to his experiment was usually testament to my ultimate belief that "yes" a .380 is effective enough to defend one self with. Fact is, munitions technology has vastly improved. We commonly have smaller rounds being pushed faster with less pressure, and thus the increasing the potential of that round. Of course I'd prefer to have the stopping power of my 7.62x51 NATO in a smaller handheld package, but realistically thats not going to happen, and not what handguns are about. Europe used sub 9x19 rounds for many years with exceptional results, and had many chances to upgrade. The little .380 automatic has at last prooven it is a viable round worthy of trust and service. Add to that the modern high performance self defense round formulas being applied by various companies, and you will be projecting a very real deterrent out that little barrel. Of the many many test i have seen (and others personally done) I'd have no problem with any modern .380 in a performance (not saying +p) load.
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    I say anything is good for deep CC. If you can carry it where you couldn't carry something else, having "a" gun with you is better than none. I have a .32acp that fits nicely in my back pocket or front pocket.

    I prefer to use a Taurus PT145 45acp as my BUG/CC gun but sometimes it may be better to bring something smaller. I am all for owning more than one gun and am starting to lean towards one of each caliber in case ammo dries up again.

    I just bought a Karh P380, partly for deep CC and partly to train my daughters on. Since it has less recoil than a 9mm and is small they can shoot it and it isn't intimidating to them.

    So having 45acp guns that fit in my pocket, they will be my first choice. If my attire won't accomodate them I fall back to other smaller calibers. I figure when my daughters are older the P380 will make a nice CC gun for them. :-)

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