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Thread: Mauser C96

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    Mauser C96

    Any one else own it and oc it?

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    Classics and oddities

    Thats really cool. I know there are a few of us that pride in carrying classics or odd-ball arms for OC. At the last big BBQ meet i seen black powders and antiques alike, it was a great site. I myself often (sunny days) carry a Vaquero (looks like classic cowboy gun) in an old western rig, bullets in the lops etc. It gets allot of positive conversation and fun questions. In all, a good condition C96 Mauser is indeed a formidable defensive weapon. The .30 Mauser cartridge is a stout round, even the 9mm Parabellum is very acceptable. Carry it in an original style holster, and you'd indeed have a great conversation piece as well as defensive arm. I can only imagine the BG reaction to a C96 -lol.

    When ya gonna actually join so we can properly welcome you ? Until then, glad to have you with us.

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    Truly a classic

    The old "Broomhandle" IMO is among the Top Ten most famous handguns in the world. (The others being the P08 Luger, the Walther P.38, the Colt SAA "Peacemaker", the Colt Model 1911 (can't leave it out!), the Walther PPK, the Beretta M-92, the Smith and Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum, the British Webley and the Russian Nagant (and not necessarily in that order and yes, I realize this is subjective and opinions may [may?] differ).

    One of the John Wayne weterns featured a pair of turn-of-the-century cowboys, one of whom carried a C96.

    The ChiComs made an unlicensed copy of the C96 in caliber .45 ACP for a while. Imagine that!

    I had the opportunity to shoot a 9mm C96 last year. It took a bit to get used to the weird feel of the grip and the fact that the feel of the weapon changed as the expending of ammo changed the center of balance. But once those factors were gotten used to, it was an excellent piece. a bit clunky, but dependable and accurate? Hell yes. I wish someone would produce firing replicas.

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    If it was good enough for Han Solo...........
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